HS Football PREPS Top News — 22 August 2014
Barry’s Best: Top prep football plays of 2013

By Barry Wong

Another Southern Nevada high school football season has arrived. For me, it’s my second season doing video for MyLVsports. Last year featured a lot of learning for me. Even though I grew up in Las Vegas, a product of Eldorado High School, I had not gone to a Vegas high school game since the Steven Jackson era in the 2000s. So last year, I had to learn on the fly, where to go, who to watch, etc.

I feel much more educated and informed about Vegas football going into this season. I’m excited for the upcoming year, but thought that we should have some fun before it officially starts. I covered 19 games last year (hope to get to more this year), and saw hundreds of plays. I narrowed it down to 10 of the best, and want to know which one you think is best. Watch the video above to see how to vote. I’m real curious what you’ll pick.

As always, feel free to say Hi if you see me at a game, and interact with me on Twitter @BarryWongTV. I’m always looking for story ideas, game ideas or just to talk Vegas sports!

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