Marshall shows he can take the heat

No one can ever accuse UNLV guard Anthony Marshall of not taking constructive criticism well.

He’s also pretty darn good at taking unconstructive criticism.

The 6-foot-3 junior from Mojave High School routinely spends his days and nights exchanging tweets with his 3,000 followers on Twitter (ANT_MARZ3). And those who follow him also got his first exclusive comments from the locker room at the Arena-Auditorium in Laramie, Wy., last Saturday after he missed a potential game-tying layup attempt on a contested drive at the end of a 68-66 loss to the Cowboys.

“That one’s on me, I’ll take the L,” Marshall tweeted seconds after arriving back in the locker room and before even meeting with the media.

A stand-up guy after a tough loss. How refreshing.

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But what was even more surprising were some of the tweets directed at Marshall by his followers (and supposed fans) right after the game.

Some examples:

“Fu#kin Marshall. I swear! How do you miss a layup?”

And …

“Nice layup Marshall – #WeLosttoAShittyTeamCauseYouCan’tMakeALayup.”

And …

“Make a damn layup … you suck.”

Considering the circumstances, you wouldn’t blame Marshall if he cut those followers loose from his account. Instead, he not only re-tweeted the comments for all to see again, he also politely answered them with replies like “Thank you” and “I appreciate your words.”

Some followers later apologized for their heat-of-the-moment comments. Still, talk about rubbing salt on somebody’s wounds.

Marshall, showing a lot more maturity than his 20-plus years in that situation, said it just comes with the territory of being a public figure playing for the UNLV basketball team.

“You are going to have people who say some nasty things and then you are going to have some who that are going to be on your side,” Marshall said. “Being a basketball player is a gift and a curse. The world is not going to like you and then there are some people who will. I’m old enough to know that and accept that. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. That’s just how it is sometimes. You can’t take it personal.”

Marshall said he uses the comments to get improve as a player.

“It stays in the back of my mind,” he said. “I use stuff like that as motivation to fuel me to be better and use it as a learning experience.”

Gee, now you know why some hardcore Rebel fans have nicknamed Marshall “The Mayor.”

Marshall, who watched the replay of the game and his big miss as soon as he returned to Las Vegas that night, welcomes another chance to be in that pressure-packed situation.

“If I was in the same situation again, I’d be ready to take the same shot and make it,” he said. “There’s nothing more I could do differently but make the shot.”


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